1. Learn the secret of the mozzarella stretch at the Farm Rich factory, how Cedar Foods makes hummus and Frito's makes Scoops and visit Geja's Café and Biscottea. Finally, pizza doesn't have to be flat; one company serves it in a cone! Watch how knives and forks are combined and meet an artist who uses fruit as his medium. Find out just how your favorite crunchy, cheesy snack comes together. Then, we re off to Mozzco where a selfproclaimed cheese whiz shows us how fresh mozzarella is made and we ll meet the chefs at Freschetta, where they re hard at work inventing new frozen pizza flavors. In this episode of Unwrapped, we look at Protein. Then, it's off to see how Danimals is ridding the yogurt world of spoons! Stream Unwrapped FREE with Your TV Subscription! Finally, a chocolate cowgirl with a kick and a sugary ball of fire. These stories and more frozen favorites on Unwrapped! Plus, take a peek behind the scenes at Panda Express. Candy Unwrapped: Valentine's Day has all the sweet secrets. All this and much more (how does deep-fried pizza sound!) Grab a bowl of popcorn and check out these film favorites! Finally get a look at how Malt-O-Meal is made. Plus, watch as marshmallow Peeps transform into bats and ghosts. Join host Marc Summers for a trip down the condiment isle. Discover how black-eyed peas boil up and head to the White Fence Farm. We'll see how Spanglers makes millions of candy canes every day while still producing some parts by hand. Rate. First, Swiss Colony makes a birthday hat that's too tiny to wear, but the perfect size for snacking! Then, see how Sarsaparilla is made and how cast iron skillets are formed. Join host, Marc Summers, as he uncovers fiery food secrets. Automat, a little restaurant that's like a giant vending machine and watch Taco Bell whip together their famous tacos. Later, why Biscotti di Suzy bakes cookies twice, and see how popcorn grows at the Humphrey Company! Plus, see how 7-11 was started, bite into a chocolate map, lick a salt palace and visit Pinky's hot dogs in Los Angeles. A sample of more favourite investigations. Marc Summers explores Soda Fountains. We?re hitting the road in this episode of Unwrapped and uncovering touristy treats. Plus, visit Doc Choc, an expert on all thing chocolate and check out how Dove moved from ice cream to chocolate miniatures. Today on Unwrapped, we fill up on some sensational stuffed foods. Finally, take a bite out of a tortilla chip taking the shape of the big state. Rate. Finally, figure out just what those pillowy packets are in the bottom of your bags of munchies. Plus, uncover the secrets to designing a baking sheet that doesn't burn cookies. Find out how strawberry bon-bons get their filling, chill out with a taste of frozen berries on a stick, and see how the verona cookie gets it's fill. Visit a studio making fake food, check out how a burger is born out of soybeans, and see how milk is tranformed into silk. See the making of Ice Cream Sandwiches, snack-size sandwich cakes, sandwich crackers, and sandwich cookies. Unwrapped, also known as Unwrapped with Marc Summers, is an American television program on Food Network that reveals the origins of sponsored foods. Marc Summers is getting the 'main' story on some savory side dishes. Our picks tonight. Each week, Unwrapped uncovers behind-the-scenes details on classic American food, from peanut butter and chocolate syrup to French fries and bubblegum. And don't forget about limes! Today on Unwrapped, we fill up on some sensational stuffed foods. Finally, we visit a deli in New York, known for more than just its food. We'll warm your insides with mashed potatoes, southern biscuits, and the best potpies. In an hour special, we'll deck the halls with everything from Korbel champagne to Sara Lee pumpkin pie, from peanut brittle to amazing gingerbread houses. Take a behind the scenes look at the many different ways ice cream get frozen into shapes. Later, Campbell's stirs an astronomical amount of stars into their Chicken and Stars soup - you won't believe how many they use! We'll watch how these ideas are marketed, and even discover what those old character give-aways are worth to collectors. Have you downloaded the new Food Network Kitchen app yet? Kate tests the claims in the new Marmite TV adverts. Rise and shine and start the day off early with a look at foods made for waking up. First, Take a bite out of Ortega Taco Shells, find out the twist behind Refried Beans and check out Jack cheese. See candy bars packing a punch, hurry to a Spiedie Festival, and sip a shake that will "pump you up." Did you ever want to know where Crunch Berries were grown? Finally, check out how to get a margarita on a stick. First up, Tabasco and Buffalo Wild Wings. Join us as host Marc Summers unwraps the pleasures of patriotic foods. First up, we'll see how KC Masterpiece transforms tomato paste and molasses into a mouth-watering sauce, then head over to B&G Foods where they're baking up thousands of pounds of beans using brick ovens! Head to the International Delight factory to flavor your "cup of Joe," watch cream puffs get formed and discover how Haagan Dazs gets whipped up. Find out how they keep the hot stuff flowing! Check out a company whipping up cotton candy, cool off with frozen lemonade,learn why custard is making a comeback, and watch as caramel and corn get mixed up. See how White Castle makes them for your freezer section! Breakfast Cookies from Quaker Oats Company, Sandwich Cookies from Grandma's Cookies, Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Dreyer's, Cookie Bouquets from Cookies By Design, Create Your Own Assortment from Harry & David in Medford, OR and Cookie Melts from Hat Creek Candle Company in Watertown, WI. The folks at Bruce's know the surprising distinction. Marc looks at the foreign foods that have become American favorites. Plus, take a trip down memory lane with an inside look at Abba Zabba candy bars and Sugar Daddies, and find out the secrets to making Trident. Marc Summers goes behind the scenes to see how popcorn, cookies and nuts are cooked up. Rise and shine, because in this episode of Unwrapped we explore LOAFING AROUND. Then, check out a soda for grown-ups and take a tour of the Fancy Foods Show. Kate discovers something surprising about small hens' eggs. Plus, figure out the secrets to making foods crispy with a Greaseless Fryer. Finally, see what perks up a Cajun barbecue sauce. Keep your eyes open as Unwrapped goes late-night! The Jolly Green Giant's veggies are favorites but did you know the big guy wasn't always green and he wasn't always a giant? Unwrapped--the show for everyone who's ever worn a pair of wax lips. Last, we find out what's in a Whopper. From sauces to smoke rings, this one-hour special travels the country to uncover some of the secrets of the BBQ world. Watch how bubblegum can be made by kids, and take a sweet trip down memory lane with the history of Candy Land, Mr. Learn how Pepsi got the case of the blues, and the trick to giving chips a new blue look. Plus, put the finishing touches on your sweets with Betty Crocker's Icing in a Tube! Meet a cookie jar collector and visit a Gingerbread Construction Company, Marc Summers takes a bite out of The Big Apple. ", Learn all the intricacies of designing food courts, see Orange Julius put a "squeeze" on your favorite drink, and delve into the history of Quincy Market in Boston. Join host Marc Summers as we head to Sin City for a tour of its culinary finds. Later, we take a trip to the legendary Big Bob Gibson's to sample their award-winning barbecued pork! Matt takes a look at pesto. Find out how what makes a candy daring, how jawbreakers get all those layers, and how sour candies cause such a pucker. Coca Cola. Next, watch how Terra Chips turns vegetables into a crunchy, chromatic snack. Get a line on a rainbow of goldfish, see how seafood is served in a spread, and visit the largest fish market in the country! 4 Episodes. Explore what goes into your cornflakes at Kelloggs Cereal City and peek behind the scenes at the Quaker Oats factory. Marc Summers is going nuts! Finally cool off with a taste of Italian Ice, Frozen Lemonade, and the original Icee. Think again. Join the crowd as host Marc Summers tackles fan fare at ballparks and arenas. Plus, investigating the illegal trafficking of eels, and ginger beer. Join host Marc Summers as he explores the test kitchens and the secrets behind lunch box treats, soda pop, movie candy, and more. Then get the history behind Kentucky Fried Chicken and Krispy Kreme. Finally, find out just how baking powder is prepared. First head to a Soup-er Salad restaurant to sample the menu Then, check out how croutons churn out and find out which tuna is the bee's knees. 175 episodes. Visit Jive Turkey, and the Chip Shop. Check out cookbooks creating dishes from decades past and visit an artist with a flair for old timely foods. With behind the scenes looks at the Popcorn Palace, Galco's, a soda pop shop, frozen treats Bomb Pops and Tongue Splashers, Korbel's bubbly, Blow Pops and the Fizzies! This particular special talks about the secrets and stories that go into creating the food at the Walt Disney World Resort every day. Get the inside information on theater concessions with a look at a machine that will pop the perfect kernel, chocolate-covered raisins, the world of M&M collectibles, and much more. Marc Summers creeps behind the scenes of spooky but sweet snacks. If you can't decide between turkey or duck or chicken, "turduchen" stuffs them all into one big bird! Catch up with a bbq rig that's gone king-sized, visit Weber's restaurant devoted to grilling, and get an inside look at the BBQ of the Month Club, and much more. Join host, Marc Summers, as he gets consumed by Chocolate. Hang onto your sweetie as host Marc Summers whispers some sweet nothings about sugar. First, we ll visit one of our favorite relatives, Papa Murphy, and find out why take and bake is so hot. Tee & Cakes Cupcakes in Boulder, Colorado does! Discover how swiss cheese gets those holes, and look at a sweet ring that's just peachy. Marc Summers is scooping up oodles of noodles with visits to the America Pasta Company, Noodles & Co, Amish Naturals, DelGrosso Amusement Park and S'Mac's mac and cheese. Join host Marc Summers as he gets cooking with kids. Go inside the world of comfort foods with Marc Summers with visits to Resers mac & cheese, Fairytale Brownies, Royal Burgers at Red Robin, Clam Chowder at Fisherman's Restaurant, the Idahoan Potato factory & 9 layer lasagna at Claim Jumper. Check out a company making krazy straws, a candy designed like a dog, see how tweety bird becomes a crunchy character, discover the secret behind hershey's Swoops and more! Pack up, it's time to get going with these Crazy Containers on Unwrapped! We'll look at the longest candy counter, explore the oldest restaurant in the U.S. and break open the biggest bag of chips. Head to a bourbon factory, visit with an antique bottle collector and learn the story behind Bacardi. Join host Marc Summers as we get the buzz on fizzy foods. Then, see how cereal can be included in every meal. Food Unwrapped. See an Elsie the Cow collection, visit the Salt and Shaker Club, discover how the Internet provides for foodies. Plus, discover far-out facts at the Dum Dum factory and slow down with Sugar Daddies. Finally, join the festivities celebrating Tofu in all its glory! We sample the best dishes from the Epcot World Showcase. See how sweet fruit slices get served up, chew on the revival of retro gum, and visit a factory twisting up caramel swirls. Watch as key lime pies are cranked out in Key West. Then, indulge in a tart lemon treat at Village Inn, and watch as ReaLemon bottles thousands of gallons of lemon juice. Join host Marc Summers for this episode on all things spreadable and edible. How much do we like Lay's Potato Chips? How safe is bacon? Set your skillet to sizzle because today we're frying up a bacon bonanza! Check out how Lenders makes bagels for the masses, head to Hershey?s for their Chocolate Brunch and meet a man critiquing Eggs Benedict. Happy Holidays - It's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you like to indulge in delicious holiday treats. Unwrapped those crunchy onion toppings, and see what goes into French Dressing, the French Chew, and French Bread. Find out the trick to turning apple sauce red and furry, and see how baby carrots are grown. First, Nestle reveals some surprising ingredients in an old favorite, the Butterfinger. Then, head over to Lawry?s to discover how marinades are made and visit a barbeque Expo, Learn about some Skinny Snacks! With looks at Blue Diamond's smokehouse almonds, See's Candies, Hawaiian Host macadamia nuts, Larabar trail mix, Paramount Farms pistachio plantation and NECCO's Squirrel Nut Zippers. Take a look at the machines behind producing our favorite foods. Marc Summers is full of energy. Join host Marc Summers for things that go "pop!" It's all here in black and white! Then visit Cheesehead central, taste the history of Tillamook Cheese, and find out what makes cream cheese cheesy. Marc Summers unwraps our favorite candy bars including the Milky Way, NECCO's Clark Bar crunch, Ghirardelli filled squares, Twix Bars, Vosges Bacon Bars and we find out about all the new trends at the Candy Expo. Join Host Marc Summers as we dish up lots of chocolate. We also love our bunnies in the form of pasta by Annie's Homegrown, and Bunny Tracks Ice Cream by (who else?) The Klondike folks freeze 20,000 pounds of chocolate a day to make their ice cream bars! Why can't you eat supermarket burgers pink? Sample a brew with a caffeine "buzz," and see how Starbucks blends ice cream. Marc Summers is serving up a big Italian meal. Ever wondered where the tiny marshmallows in your breakfast cereal came from? 2. See how Blow Pops get big, watch a 45-LB monster sundae get whipped up, and get a bite of an oversized pizza pie. Discover how cold cuts got their name, watch as paper plates are processed and see how hot dogs are prepared. From novel turkey cooking methods to affordable champagne. And learn how Signature Brands bottles up Oreo Cookies and Cream Cows? Tostitos is giving their chips an extra zing with a splash of lime juice, and Dreyer's frozen lime bars are a cool snack for a summer day. Blue Bunny. Later, see how the Willy Wonka Candy Factory shrinks your favorite fruits into their tiny Runts candies, and cool off with over 20 fruit flavors of Slush Puppies. The team also look at the growing trend for hemp-based food products. Marc Summers is picking up on berry treats! First up, you don't have to go to a restaurant to get these famous fast food burgers. Next, get a slice of how Sara Lee?s cooking up a coffee cake, and check out a pancake flipping company. Lights, camera, snacktion! All this and more as Marc Summers cracks the shell on eggs. Later, Nature's Pride bakes enough bread for a million sandwiches every day, and see why Turkey Hill's ice cream sandwiches are doubly delicious. Today we're smelling the stinking rose and serving up some versatile dishes of garlic goodies. Find out the secrets of condensed milk, check out how cottage cheese is made and discover how milk delivery is making a comeback. Have fun at a 'Canstruction' competition and Spam-fest, then meet a woman with a 'souper' Campbell's collection. Hit the highway, and stop at Rosie's diner, visit one a Route 66 classic truck stops and learn the story behind airline food. We'll uncover the secrets behind these holiday staples -- more candied yams with mini marshmallows, anyone? Next, freshen your breath with Vanilla Myntz, and much more. Learn what goes into hot dog vending carts, and take a look at hi-tech gumball machines. Matt is a 35-year-old TV chef who ran the award-winning restaurant Foxhunter for 15 years before becoming a consultant chef at The Hilton in Bournemouth. In this special vegan edition of the show, Kate learns the surprising secrets of the vegan cheese melt, can Jimmy go vegan for a week? Then, the secret ingredient that turns colorful candy spaghetti into Signature Brand's ice cream sprinkles...and check out how Blue Bunny triple-dips their Chocolate Champ Cones! Fire up the grill, because Marc Summers takes an inside look at the Barbecue. Plus, watch as cookies and key lime pie get all stuck up, and more. Watch as Marc Summers takes you on a tasty class trip. Hamburgers. Hot and Spicy. Today we're exploring our favorite foods from the freezer! First up, visit Wisconsin Natural Acres bee farm and learn how the bees' wings help turn the nectar into honey! We go to their factory to get the story. Chomp on a chip with a bbq kick, check out the secrets of Curly?s BBQ sauce, and see a Solaire Infrared Grill get put together. Marc Summers gets curious about 'comfort foods.' We are looking at foods On The Map. Host Marc Summers gets out the grill and grabs the spatula as we fry up the facts about hamburgers. From cole slaw to tortilla chips, grilled steaks to the Coleman cooler, we'll learn the secrets behind America's favorite summer foods -- Super Summer Snacks on Unwrapped. First, see how Sterno is made, visit a Freaky Food Lab with Dr. Food Secrets. Find out how those turkey timers are made to pop-up, trace the history of the fork and visit a collector with the scoop on dishing out ice cream. Grab your VIP pass because today we're rolling out the red carpet for some famous foods! on a special hour-long, batter-dipped, sizzling edition of Unwrapped. Next, see how NASA prepares its space food at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. We'll see the secrets behind Wendy's Frosty -- it's been the same drink for 40 years, since when Dave Thomas sold the first one for 35 cents. Plus, sip on a drink at Squeeze that you can always 'squeeze' into your schedule. Then, the Mt. Join host, Marc Summers, for a chomping good time during Salad Days. This episode is loaded with everything Stuffed. First up, Simply Divine Brownies and their heavenly Chakra Cherry Crumbles. Stay healthy with soy snacks & dried fruit. Finally, discover the trick to hiding messages inside fortune cookies. Super-size your fries, those and more fast food stories on Unwrapped! Then, polar bear paws are huge ... especially at See's Candies! Then, flag down an ice cream truck company catering private parties. First, Millstone gives us the story behind grocery store coffee beans and we check out Shock-A-Lots, chocolates with an extra boost inside. Get an inside look at the Great American Beer Fest and discover microbrews and homebrews. Finally, discover the history of the Bloody Mary. Potato Head, and other yummy classics. Plus, we'll get all red, white and blue over Hungry Jack, Starbucks, Little Debbie and Jack Daniels! Later, Mrs. Fields delivers a giant cookie with a little twist, and do you know what "calzone" means in Italian? Kate asks if herbal bedtime teas can help you sleep. Next, meet a designer creating one-of-a-kind utensils and discover how Viking makes custom-designed oven ranges. Marc Summers is exploring everything "KING SIZED". Those cold creations and more on Unwrapped! If you grew up with Nestle Drumsticks, you might want to hear the new way they're making 'em even more tasty! Host Marc Summers goes nuts about donuts! Season 14 guide for Food Unwrapped TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Later, we found a gummy bear so huge, you have to see it to believe it, and the biggest cheese in America! Marc Summers checks out foods that make us feel like a kid again. Learn the secret ingredient that gives Edwards Pies their crusty advantage, and the unique technique that makes Mrs. Baird's portable pies so popular. See how teeny pellets of gum are made, and visit a place that serves tiny desserts. Check out Gelazzi for chocolate gelato; Ferrera Pan Candy, Sterling Truffles. In this episode of Unwrapped, we?re taking a lazy bite out of couch potato treats. Next, millions of people get their morning coffee at Starbucks every day. com, and teach you how to make your own at Cook Street Culinary School. Should we buy supermarkets' standard or value products. Next, a crazy concoction called Monster Goo comes in three flavors. Next, take a bite out of Tony Chachere's, and find out why salt is literally the 'spice of life'. Disc 1 - Snack Time: - Soda Pop Unwrapped - Vending Machines Unwrapped - Retro Candy Unwrapped Disc 2 - Classics: See how peanut brittle is made, sample a petit four with four legs and visit a dessert company baking for the entire country. Join host Marc Summers as we take a trip to the Yates Cider Mill and learn why the pressure is on during apple season. over to watch Honey Buns get whipped up, and find out how entire meals fit in the palm of your hand. Then take a look at how Edible Arrangements creates a beautiful bouquet that's entirely edible and learn how to make the best Butterball of them all from the experts at Butterball U. Check out how Chuckles churn out and meet an artist painting on a chocolate canvass, all this and more! Then, an enormous jawbreaker that takes three weeks to make! Then, visit an art studio for kids where the paint actually has flavor and discover the secrets behind creating over 100 flavors of nut butter. See how one company builds creative cupcakes in an unconventional package! Next, it's a tart twist on a snacking favorite with Food For Thought's snappy cherry salsas and we'll find out how Queen Anne Candy makes their cherry cordials so syrupy. Plus, watch how one factory turns out millions of Wolferman's English muffins every year. Sink your teeth into Poppycock, and see how Almonds go from field to factory. In this episode of Unwrapped, join host, Marc Summers, as he gathers some sunny tidbits about picnics. Which is more fattening sandwiches, wraps or bagels? Find out how to put together an ice palace, and check out a cover for your ice cream cone. Food Unwrapped returns with Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt revealing the secrets behind the food on our plates. Then, Lowrey's Pork Rinds pop up inside your microwave! Join host Marc Summers to explore foods of a blue hue! Go behind-the-scenes of the frozen treats that cool us down, and the wacky grills and hot sauces that heat us up. Kate and Helen explore vanilla, while in the Netherlands Matt explores the myth that Edam balls were once used as emergency cannon balls. Find out the secrets behind ice cream cones and tortillas. What's on our holiday table? Watch as this treasured treat is layered onto donuts, cherries, pretzels and oreos. Then, check out a classic Annabelle's Rocky Road candy bar, built by hand. 3. Then check out the secrets behind cooking up animal crackers and gummi bears. Discover the ABC's of Sugar cookies. Take lessons from CharBroil Grilling University, check out what a shot of marinade does for meat and see how barbecue is done Mongolian-style. Today, we're chilling out with a look at frosty foods. Plus, a chocolate-covered snack...with legs! The popularity contest between turkey and ham wages on as Columbus Foods fuels the fire with 35-million pounds of meat a year! Learn the secret behind Lime Sherbet and visit a man crazy for all things lime. And what better to dip into your coffee than a Dunkin' Donut, or Biscotti. Head over to ESPN Zone to see what they serve up on a typical game day and much, much more! And Sonic restaurant that serves up plenty of options under one-dollar! Plus, watch Hungry Man puts together the TV dinner - it's a good deal for a full meal. Nothing warms your tummy like Chili and check out how Calphalon forms stockpots to cook it up. Find out what makes a Hungry Man meal, plus take a tour of the factories where your favorite "heat and eat" snacks are made, microwave-ready. Welcome to the world of wild candy! With a tour of the Sabrett factory in the Bronx, learn about sauerkraut at the Fremont Company in Ohio, corn dogs at Hinsdale Farms in Indiana, buffalo dogs plus French's yellow mustard and an American hot dog-eating champion as he shares his speed-eating secrets. Track Food Unwrapped new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. Watch how hi-tech packaging is made at Tetra Pak and ogle the food at the Google Cafeteria. Plus, watch Terry Miller cook up some Harley-Davidson goodies. Find out how Hostess covers these creamy cakes and discover the fluffy favorite inside every box of See's Candies. Advertisement. Grab a spoon, your favorite bowl and plenty of milk as we go behind the scenes of Marshmallow Mateys; Nutri-Grain Bars; Kashi; Malt O Meal and Kellogg's rice krispy treats. Get comfy and get ready to crunch! Visit a restaurant specializing in cuisine you remember as a kid, find out how candy buttons are made, and the secrets behind Screaming Yellow Zonkers. Finally, get a taste of a delicious makeover for a snowman named Frosty. Sample a salt & pepper seasoning and get a taste of cheeseburger fries. Discover the magic of Disney cuisine today on Unwrapped. Plus, we'll see how Easter hams get their special flavor, see one of the country's top egg decorators, and sample Easter cakes both large and small. Join Host Marc Summers as we dip into some fun facts about fried foods. Stop by a restaurant celebrating turkey day every day, and discover one bird that gets a presidential pardon. Join host Marc Summers for a look inside the summertime snacks Blue Bunny Strawberry Shortcake on a stick, Tuscan Cantaloupe from Dulcinea Farms, the history of Slurpee and Sweet Leaf Tea. Check out Washington's chocolate monuments, see how flag candy is concocted, and discover Dairy Queen's patriotic pops. Take a look at beernuts and an official Chex Mix Day celebration. Later, the mystery ingredient that makes P2C2 so good, and find out why Gifford's Chocolate Lovers Ice Cream was voted the world's best! See how Sara Lee makes her cheesecake, visit a school club fixated on fromage, and crack the code to Kaukauna cheese spread. Finally, stop by Harry and David's. Visit the days of penny candy. And a visit to Sol Toro's Tequila Grill. Saddle up, because on this episode of Unwrapped, we're taking a trip back to the old West. Check out a bakery busting out colossal cookies, and much more. TGIF brings their potato skins into potato chip form, and Cheesecake Factory turns mac & cheese into a fried ball of joy. Join host Marc Summers as he steps into the world of themed restaurants. Explore the chocolate novelty business, and meet a man who carves a living out of pumpkins. Sign up for soda fountain summer camp, get a taste of the 'world's largest' soda flavor selection, and visit the World of Coke. Take a trip back in time as Marc Summers eats up the sweet world of Retro Candy. See how Sharper Image's design team is creating inventive kitchenware, get a taste of how flavors are pouring into a spray bottle, and visit a chef creating innovative new dishes. Ever wonder where the princesses eat? Food Unwrapped. Unwrapped takes viewers behind the scenes of the movie No Reservations. Finally, Taffy Town shows us how they make their stretchy sweets. Then, discover the secret to shipping Lobsters, and the history behind Harryand David's. Visit to a place "hunting down" a sampling of spices, check out what makes Dentyne Fire 'date friendly', and tour a tea factory with a titillating twist. Plus, gourmet pork on your doorstep every month of the year with The Bacon of the Month Club! Then, find out what a Philly Swirl is and go behind the scenes at KitchenAid. Start by putting on the apron and breaking off some cloves for the Garlic Chef Competition, see how Cole's is making their famous frozen garlic bread, and visit a restaurant serving everything garlic. The network famous for "unwrapping" the secrets of America?s favorite snack foods turns the cameras on itself! Join host Marc Summers as he samples the craziest candies out there. Host Marc Summers will discover once and for all what is in Grandma's Fruitcake and why it enjoys such a special reputation. Then, learn the secrets of mixing up The Greek Gods Hummus and get the scoop on scooping properly at Baskin Robins School. The team look back at some favourite investigations. Venture inside the Disney Bakery, where they cook up more than 2,000 cookies for Disneyland guests every day. Finally, find out the secrets of Chai tea. Today Marc Summers is unwrapping cozy cuisine with visits to Campbell's soup, the Boston Chowda Company, the American Pie Bakery, Manischewitz for matzo ball soup, macaroni and cheese at Amy's Kitchen and Thee's Continental Pastries. Then, see the lighter side with this white chocolate creation from See's Candies, and watch how Simply Divine Brownies is using technology to make a personalized treat! And what little touch of home makes Tyler Florence love his Ultimate set so much? Plus, discover some rare candy classics from ballgames of yesteryear. It first aired in June 2001 and is hosted by Marc Summers.The show leads viewers on tours of factories and other food-related locations. Plus, an LA grocer who carries over 300 different types of soda and the Museum of Beverage Containers. Marc Summers is checking out marshmallow bunnies and the laying of malted eggs. First, stop by Quizno's and check out how they serve up subs and learn how Dixie creates cups. First, see how crab is made, see Sand Dollar cookies churn out ,and surf over to Wahoo?s Fish Taco. Watch the making of frozen fudge bars, fudge brownies and Hot Fudge. Plus, why is soy in so many UK foods? Marc Summers chews on the secrets behind bubble gum, from the traditional pink favorite to gumballs. Unwrapped. Look at juice to find out what kinds of kick get added in. Plus, follow millions of Moon Pies through the factory. Find out how animal crackers, sugar cookies and ginger snaps are made. The world's largest potato chip? Meet a duo who are serious about their cereal, and join the ultimate coffee fan in his quest to visit every Starbuck's location. Then, check out how Calphalon roasting pans get made and see how flavor developers get Thanksgiving dinner in a soda, First, head to Wilton School to watch cookies bake up, see how to make an edible Snow globe and check out how Color-A-Cookie kits make decorating fun for the kids. Finally, uncover the hidden mysteries of how a garbage disposer really works. First, see how Delmonte fruit cocktail is made, discover the art of Thai fruit carving and go to Michigan for all things cherry. Marc Summers is exploring the treats gobbled up at Amusement Parks. Plus, Funny Face Drink Mix collectibles, behind the scenes of Hawaiian Punch, and outer space with Tang. Then treat yourself to a slice of special key lime cake. Next, discover Dairy Queen's Grill-n-Chill, and learn how to get your groceries online. Food Unwrapped kicks off 2019 with a diet special full of hints and hacks for how to beat that post-Christmas bulge. Visit the Pringles lab and see a new spin on the sweet and salty combo...the chocolate covered chip. See how chocolate is molded into hearts, mixed with champagne, slathered over strawberries and boxed up into the classic Whitman's Sampler, and more. Then, it's time to make mealtime playtime. Plus, learn the secrets that go into creating cans. Visit the Swiss Colony as they prep for their busiest time, see how a snow globe becomes an edible sweet, and check out a company building gingerbread houses. Next, check out the history of the Original Hot Dog Shop and see how to build a Big Mac. With visits to the world of Dunkin' Donuts, TexaSweet grapefruits, Mrs. Butterworth syrup plant, Uncle Wally's muffins, Einstein's and Hindsdale Farms breakfast wraps on a stick. We're up to our necks in body parts as we examine food physiology today on Unwrapped. Get ready for a sweet and sticky treat straight from Mother Nature. Whether you're in the stands, tailgating from the parking lot, or cheering from the couch, these are the snacks that sports fans love! First, Stemilt shows us the apple s high-tech journey from the grove to the store and we find out what happens when you make Fuji apples into a sparkling soda at a company called Essn. Check out the longest gum wrapper chain and discover the secrets behind Harmony?s Extreme Trail mix. Then get a hook on Long John Silver's history, and even more! Then, visit Garrett?s Popcorn in Chicago and sojourn savory-style through New York City. Sink your teeth into everything Caramel in this episode of Unwrapped. Then get in gear with a coffee car called a "Mudtruck" and spend the day with a food critic. Then get the inside peep on Chiclets. Then, we visit Torani's to learn how you can drink a toasted marshmallow in the form of a delicious gourmet syrup. Marc Summers unwraps the best of BBQ with a taste Seattle's With Love, Lay's BBQW chips, Dole Cole Slaw, White BBQ sauce at Big Bob's in Alabama & Reser's Macaroni Salad. Or if you want a cool favorite-how about chocolate and peanut butter ice cream made as only Haagen Dazs can, at the rate of half a million cups a day. Check out cream cones and go behind the scenes of Campbell's Soup kitchen. Visit a cereal icon museum, see how Kool Aid is created, and learn how Spagettios, tater tots, and cracker jacks are made. Stop in at Starbucks to see how they?re designing a coffee drink, discover how Jimmy Dean is building a breakfast sandwich, and crack open the mystery behind laying a good egg. We'll find out how Albanese Confectionery adds that extra kick, then head over to Stauffer's in time to see a stampede of elephants, goats, and camels leaving the factory! 4. Learn about Chick-fil-A's claim to the first chicken sandwich, discover what a Chic-O-Stick is, and go behind the scenes to see Pot Pies made. Then, Mom's Best Honey Toasted O's costs half that of a brand name box, find out if they make them the same way. Finally, watch how Wet Naps wipe it all clean. Host Marc Summers digs into Deep Fried Treats. See how Safe-T-Pop's are set up, Blizzards are mixed up, and Baby food gets ground up on a big-scale. Then, learn the tricks of the trade behind eating fire and visit a potluck party solely for spicy dishes. Next, take an easy look at making mashed potatoes and visit a festival honoring the buffalo wing. Then, travel to Japan, Germany, and China without leaving Orlando. Marc Summers gets the inside story on nuts. And visit a restaurant that specializes in the Fluffer nutter and learn how to make your own marshmallow at home. Sushi and the trend for teens to eat fried chicken for lunch are also looked at. We explore everything Hi-Tech. Take a look at the history of the Idaho potato, visit one of the largest makers of fries and tater tots, taste some real Belgian fries in NYC, and take a tour of the Heinz factory. Next, the building of a juice box! Finally, see cool cookies don famous faces. Food Unwrapped: Comfort Foods Special A celebration of the foods we turn to when we crave comfort, from pizza to pork pies, and from custard to Cornish pasties. Marc Summers explores his inner child with a look at Kiddie Cravings. Next, visit a company making street tacos, and follow a street food expert exploring the international fare of New York. Check out what makes Kona Coffee so unique. foods perfect for a Rainy Day. They make 89,000 pounds of them every year! Join Marc Summers, as we catch up with the latest in carnival concoctions. Plus, check out some retro, finger-food favorites. Meet a doctor who tricks your tastebuds, see how Cold Stone carves up your dessert and check out a restaurant adding fries and slaw inside your sandwich. Watch as Marc Summers pops the question about weddings and the festive foods that go along with them. Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods does! From gruesome gummis to scary suckers, to was fangs and traditional treats. Join Marc Summers as he catches up on the classics. Learn the story of Chuck E. Cheese, and visit the world's largest McDonald's Playplace. First, head to the Mars factory to see how Snickers are made, see smiley faced French fries formed and check out Shoo Fly Pies and Funny cakes. Then, Amano Artisan Chocolate explains the art of making chocolate the old-fashioned way and we ll slice into some super satiny pie from Marie Callenders. Be careful of freezer burn as host Marc Summers chills out with icy treats like Icee, Blue Bunny Turtle Bars, Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches and Ruby's milkshakes. Check the mail with host Marc Summers as he explores Mail Order Munchies. Next take a look at two fun favorites: Moose Munch and Buffalo Mozzarella. People also watched. Rate. How does supermarket fresh pasta last so long? Get the story behind Cape Cod Potato Chips, Churros, and Cheetos. Check out how colorful After Dinner Mints are made, learn why Izze Soda is for adults and visit Red Square Ice Bar in Vegas. All this and more! Finally, wake up with a traditional cup of cowboy coffee. In this episode of Unwrapped, Marc Summers explores tailgating temptations. This edition of the special will feature footage from the Annual Confectioner show in Chicago. Try out some fun drinks with Marc Summers including Asian tea, Mondo Squeeze fruit juice, Dry Sodas like kumquat and lemongrass, an ice cream cocktail and the Naked Cafe. Satisfy that sweet tooth and feed those cravings with a look at candy. Then, find out how Fruit Bars make a great frozen treat and take the Nestea plunge. Visit Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC, then hit the factory to see how Candy Buttons, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the Sky Bar are made. Tantalize your taste buds with the newest trend in dessert pizzas and revisit the classics like cheesecake, rice pudding, and retro diner favorites. These secrets and many more are revealed when Marc Summers goes "backstage" at Paula Deen's Savannah Georgia home, to the sets of Tyler Florence and Sandra Lee, and the ultimate place of mystery - Iron Chef's Kitchen Stadium. Gather round for a square, jelly donut from the Doughnut Plant and watch Krispy Kremes being cranked out. Find out how school menus are made, visit a company that specializes in fun food containers. See wheat spun into golden bread at Oroweat, watch yeast perform its magic and meet some meatloaf makers. Find out what a real Root Beer enthusiast has dug up, and see what's on display at the Gourd Museum. Finally, check out the "coolest" Cool Dogs around. There are some foods that are just part of the American experience-on a special one-hour Unwrapped, we explore these "All-American Eats." Also, what's the story behind "gelt," those chocolate coins encased in bright foil? Plus, check out the making of a chocolate bunny, and meet an artist specializing in Peeps. And hand-rolling a tornado might sound hard, but these workers do it every day! Find out the juicy details of Mauna La'i and learn the history behind Toucan Sam. Discover how Tom Turkey is chosen for a Presidential pardon, watch how faux turkey turns into Tofurky and head over to Heinz as gravy grinds up for bottling. These stories and more on this episode of Unwrapped! The Truth About Amazon. Discover the history behind Kroger's, the technology of the Hand Held Scanner, and the trick to making art out of fruit stickers. Finally, nobody knows mustard like Plochman's! Find out which cookie pays tribute to our country, and watch as "Fourth of July" berries are born. Can you stand it? Visit a wild west town in Illinois, see how whiskey is made and learn the jerky secrets to smoked meats. Kate learns how you milk a camel and explores camel milk's growing popularity. Plus, get a taste of a candy clay. Drive over to an award show where street vendors get the recognition, stop by a company making the classic hot dog cart, and cruise down the sweet street of 5th Avenue candy bar. Next, learn the trick to stacking up baklava and get in line for a ticket to the Chocolate Show. Watch as granola bars are made, Pringles are packaged, and nuts are prepared for vending.

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